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Sunchaser Coastal Challenge

June 19th 2012

Are you up to an Olympian challenge ? An inspiring challenge that will literally unite runners around our coastline as they combine  for a spectacular and televised attempt to make history. And a challenge that will put your local seaside town on the map. Teams of athletes from around the nation will attempt to run in relay around the coastline of England and Wales in just one day between sunrise and sunset.A distance of more than 2000 miles.

Not only will the Sunchaser Challenge  be celebrating the arrival of the Olympics to our shores but also the completion in 2012 of the entire Welsh coastal path system. It's the beginning of a dream for the United Kingdom to have one continuous coastal path - the first in the world.

Next year's midsummer Sunchaser Coastal Challenge is our way of saying "It Can Be Done."

You and your team can be part of this triumph of collective will and running power. You can make it happen.

From sunrise, teams of 5 runners will set out simultaneously from checkpoints around the coastline of England and  Wales on relay runs which together will complete this historic run.

Coastal Challenges

British Coastal Paths Map


  • Isle of Anglesey Coastal Path
  • The Fife Coastal Path
  • South West Coastal Path
  • Cleveland Way
  • North Sea Trail Northumberland Coastal Path
  • Llwybr Arfordir Cymru - Wales Coastal Path Ceredigion
  • Llwybr Arfordir Cymru - Wales Coastal Path Pembrokeshire
  • Isle of Arran Coastal Way


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Race Categories

Standard Relay

South West Path (8 Sectors)
- 630 miles
Joint Welsh Paths (3 Sectors)
- 240 miles

3–5 member teams will run in 7 relay legs. 7 teams per sector, legs vary between 5 miles and 15 miles.

Ultra Runs

Isle of Arran (1 Sector)
- 62.5 miles
Northumberland (1 Sector)
- 63 miles
Cleveland Way (1 Sector)
- 50 miles

Ultra Runners must also complete the whole of their chosen course between sunrise and sunset. These are individual events.

Multi Marathon

Anglesey (1 Sector)
- 122 miles
Fife (1 Sector)
- 125 miles

3–5 member teams of marathon runners will relay run 5 legs of approximately 25 miles.

To find out more about The Sunchaser Coastal Challenge and how you can secure your Club’s place in the event visit our Competitor Information.

To choose which of the 16 coastal challenges your Club wants to take on, take a look at the different options by using our interactive map.

Weekend Breaks

Once you’ve chosen where you want to run, get the essential info for your Club’s bargain “Sunchaser Weekend”. Make the most of it with our Weekend Breaks.


If your company is located in one of Britain’s many spectacular resorts, find out more about becoming a Sunchaser business.

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