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Competitor Information

Register and Secure a Sector


Can I enter a single sex team?

There are no rules about the make up of your team except it should have 5 members and all competitors should be at least 18 years old at the time of the event.

What is included in the registration fee?

The registration fee covers the team entry , free transport provided to take competitors back to their start point, attractive goody bags ,  a commemorative T shirt and medal.

How do we qualify for a free weekend break?

Just by taking part in the Sunchaser Coastal Challenge. You can take advantage of it on the weekend of the Challenge or on a future weekend by registering for the event .Family or friends can join you or  take a separate break at discounted rates using our promotional code.

Please note the terms and conditions of the weekend breaks will depend on the individual host.

Where can I stay?

A list of weekend breaks can be found on our Weekend Breaks page. There are accommodation links attached to more than 70 resorts in the vicinity of the coastal paths. It's also a good idea to choose somewhere to stay close to your start point—particularly for those “taking one for the Club” by doing the early shift which starts not long after sunrise.

Are finishers medals awarded?

Yes medals will be provided to every competitor that takes part in and successfully completes the Sunchaser Coastal Challenge.

What are the distances?

The distances of all paths, sectors and legs are marked in our series of interactive maps to be found via our home page.

What Do I Do Once Our Stage is Finished

You will be taken to the finishing line for your team's sector to greet your final runners and then—as a Club group—taken back to the Sector start point.

Can I bring friends and family for support?

Of course you can but given the narrowness of some of the paths it may be best to give that support at the beginning and end of your friend or relative’s particular leg .


Runners are responsible for turning up at their start point.

The organisers will provide all runners with transport back from their finish point to their start point.

Course Information

All Sectors will be clearly marked and supervised. Detailed course information is available on the website.

Prize Categories

Best Sector Performance (overall) measured in average mph

Best  Sector Performance (mixed team)

Best Sector Performance (female team)

Plus: Spirit of the Event Award

Terms and Conditions

No refunds of entry fees are issued to competitors once the event has been entered unless it has had to be cancelled in advance of its taking place. In this instance, entry fees shall be refunded in full by the organisers upon request. Refunds shall be paid within 60 days of receipt of the written request by the competitor to the organiser at the stated address.

A refund may be requested if an event is postponed to another date.

Entries may be transferred between competitors up to five days prior to an event, save with the express instruction of the event organiser that this is not the case, announced publicly through the event website or individually, in writing, to the competitor(s) in question.

All reasonable care is expected to be exercised by competitors when running on the coastal paths.

The organisers of the Sunchaser Coastal Challenge are not liable for any death or injury caused to or any damage caused by a competitor. It is the competitor’s responsibility to provide sufficient insurance against their own personal injury or death and against harm which they may cause to others or damage to property during the period of the whole event.

If required by the organisers, competitors will supply an authorised medical certificate (signed by a qualified physician within the past six months) affirming his or her good health and the absence of any physical or mental condition that would normally preclude entry into such an event.

All competitors must wear official race bibs.

The entrant agrees to co-operate at all times with any media personnel accredited by Wild Ones Promotions—including any requests to be interviewed and appear on camera and to participate through any other form of media platform in relation to the Challenge.

It is acknowledged that all recorded materials acquired by Wild Ones during the entirety of the Sunchaser Coastal Challenge and through all forms of media—are for the sole use of Wild Ones Promotions who are acknowledged as holding the worldwide copyright for all such materials and the format of the event in all media.

The organisers unless otherwise stated, shall be known as Wild Ones Promotions Ltd, Sagar House, 10 Church Street, Clitheroe, Lancs, BB7 2DG, UK.

Entry policy is subject to change at the discretion of the organiser and such changes shall be published within these terms and conditions and/or on the website of the event to which the change applies.

The terms and conditions of this entry policy does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer. Please contact the event organisers if you have any questions on this policy.

Rules and Regulations

For reasons of fairness, safety and responsibility you are expected to abide by the following rules.

  • Stay within vocal contact of your team-mates at all times, (i.e. never more than 20 yards and you must depart and arrive as a team at the start/finish checkpoints).
  • Do not interfere with checkpoints
  • No outside assistance is allowed during the event apart except , of course, in an emergency.
  • Always follow the Sunchaser Challenge /Coastal Paths Code (see below)
  • Your Club effort must start at your designated time which will be no later than 1 hr after sunrise and must finish before the time attributed to sunset on that day in your location, (You will be informed of these times closer to the event).
  • Notify the Event Medic of any significant medical history (e.g. asthma, diabetes…) at registration
  • Follow instructions given by event officials
  • Be aware that the Race Director›s decision is final
  • Safety
  • You are expected to be able to look after yourself and your team during the event
  • There will be medics in attendance throughout the event
  • Ensure any injured team-mate is adequately provided for
  • The race directors telephone number will be printed on your map
  • There will be volunteers out on the course with walkie talkies / phones

Sunchaser Challenge Coastal Paths Code

  • Always use gates and stiles and close gates after you. Do not climb fences, walls or hedges.
  • Unless permission has been obtained and you have been directed by race officials, keep to paths and public rights of way—do not enter peoples private land and avoid farmers crops.
  • Do not disturb livestock or nesting birds
  • Do not throw trash away whilst running
  • Do not pick wild flowers or dig up plants
  • Take care near cliffs and on steep ground
  • Keep to rights of way
  • Obey any diversion signs
  • Take adequate clothes and wear suitable footwear
  • Stay properly hydrated and nourished
  • Overtake walkers carefully and courteously (clearly we cannot close 1200 miles of Coastal Path)
  • Family and friend supporters cannot follow your team on bicycles

Insurance and risk

Our events are professionally managed by experienced senior personnel, and as such the nature of the activity involved is risk assessed pre-event and all relevant safety systems are employed. You are in good hands.

However, all participants compete in Sunchaser Challenges at their own risk and will be required to sign a waiver on the day of the event—before taking part—accepting that the organisers will not accept liability for any personal accident, material loss or injury during the event. All competitors must declare themselves medically fit to participate upon registration. All competitors are responsible for the level of personal accident and medical insurance they personally require for participating in the race.

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Wild Ones Promotions

Sunchaser Challenges ,including the Sunchaser Coastal Challenge , are the creation of Wild Ones Promotions Ltd, a media and events company created to promote sports and adventure events, which support ‹social responsibility› campaigns and generate new fund-raising opportunities for non-profit organisations.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sunchaser Challenges offers its strategic partners a powerful platform from which to market their products and reach a highly valued demographic of affluent, socially responsible, active individuals.

For more about the exciting ways your company can become involved please contact: [email protected]

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